ofera_aquaponicsAquaponics provides an opportunity to produce organic fish and vegetables in a natural cycle. Both indoor as well as outdoor operation is possible. However, the possibility to produce fish and vegetables indoors is clearly a unique selling point. Moreover it’s a great hobby and you benefit from your own organic food.

The expenditure of time is reasonable. However, following your passion might make you forget the world around you. 🙂

Aquaponics is a compound noun out of aquaculture and hydroponics. Fish faeces in the water get pumped into growbeds. Bacteria and microorganisms clear the water and plants are provided with essential nutrients. Afterwards the fresh and clean water is carried back into the fishtank. I prefer Aquaponics in contrast to ordinary gardening due to the following reasons:

  • No watering needed
  • Ressource- saving use of water due to water recycling
  • 100% organic
  • plants are constantly provided with nutrients
  • local production of vegetables and fish
  • a fascinating hobby

I develop and operate aquaponics systems indoors and outdoors seasonally  and all year round. OFERA CycleGarden are flexible and compact Aquaponics solutions in different sizes. Local conditions decide upon the fish species and the type of vegetables. A rough distinction can be made between:

Cold Water – Aquaponics

Water temperature: 10°C to max. 20°C
Suitable fish species: trout, char, catfish, carp, goldfish, koi
Suitable vegetables: cold resistant plants like lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, radishes,…

I operate a cold water aquaponic system with rainbow trout. The trout is a terrific edible fish that is challenging in terms of water quality. Trout need cool and oxygen-rich water. The maximum water temperature of 20°C shouldn’t be exceeded. I operate a system indoors in an root cellar where the fishtanks are cooled sufficiently. The average temperature is approximately 14°C. Cold water systems are perfect for vegetables like lettuce and all types of cabbage.

Warm Water – Aquaponics

Water temperature: 20°C to >30°C
Suitable fish species: tilapia, african catfish, carp, goldfish, koi
Suitable vegetables: tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, zucchini…

I operate warm water aquaponic systems with tilapia and african catfish. These types prefer warm water and care less about water quality. Nevertheless, providing aerated water is of paramount importance. I primarily operate systems outdoors in summer season. During the winter season I keep some fish indoors in order to breed for the next season.

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