Breeding Mealworms | OFERA Insects™ Mealworm Farm

Mealworms – such a high protein source

easy breeding with the OFERA Insects™ Mealworm Farm

Are you interested in breeding mealworms?

Do you want to grow your own mealworms for your pets like fish, chickens, birds or reptiles? Or even for your own delicious recipes?

Reuse your kitchen scraps and grow your own mealworms with the OFERA Insects™ Mealworm Farm. It’s an easy-to-use breeding system for your apartment, balcony or garden. Moreover you can transform your organic waste from the kitchen into a natural fertilizer that provides optimal nutrition and protection for your plants. An automatic beetle-larvae-separation helps you to save time and increases the output of worms. Because of the special-coated trays it’s an escape-proof system which you can use indoor as well as outdoor. Start today! Transform your kitchen scraps into high quality protein!

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