OFERA – organic food era

It’s time to change something. A new era just begun.

It’s new projects that inspire me. I learn and benefit from them.


organic food era. organic food projects. cycle-farming
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OFERA – organic food era refers to my projects and products about gardening, especially aquaponic- gardening. I’ve always been interested in all kinds of technical craftsmanship and gardening. That’s why I started with aquaponics in 2014. Since then I’ve realized several projects in the areas of gardening, aquaponics as well as breeding fish and insects.

My projects deal with the supply of organic food for one’s personal use.

I focus on aquaponics, soil based gardening and breeding insects. I aim for a system that incorporates all three areas which are supposed to support each other. That’s why I call it Cycle-Farming.

Local production of produce, cooperation with like-minded people and reasonable expenditure of time are very important to me.

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